Essential Herbs For The Treatment of Leaky Gut Syndrome Naturally

Thankfully, taking prescription medications is not the only way to start the treatment of leaky gut syndrome.  There are certain essential herbs that will allow you to be able to naturally treat leaky gut syndrome.  Herbs have been used and trusted for many years for medical healing.







Slippery elm is a recommended herb to be used for the treatment of leaky gut. Slippery elm, when used as a balm can cure conditions such as burns, boils, skin inflammation, and wounds.  This herb contains mucilage, which when mixed with water turns into a gel like substance. This makes it also a good herb to be taking orally, since it’s able to form a coating to soothe irritated throats, stomachs, and intestines. Being that leaky gut syndrome is caused by irritation of the intestinal lining, when taken it can be very helpful. Slippery elm also contains antioxidants which help to decrease the effects of this syndrome by reducing free radicals and relieving infections.

Peppermint tea is advised to be taken by people who suffer with leaky gut syndrome since it cures stomach issues.  Drinking this tea will settle the stomach and help develop the flow of bile. Peppermint tea is also resourceful in killing certain kinds of bacteria which helps to lessen intestinal irritation that leads to leaky gut syndrome. Irritated bowels lead to toxins being leaked into the bloodstream.  Having less bacteria will lessen the chances of having this syndrome occur.

Chamomile tea, like the peppermint tea work to relive stomach symptoms as well. Leaky gut syndrome causes excessive gas, bloating, cramping and stomach pain, so chamomile helps to reduce these.  Consumption of the tea will also help you to naturally relax.  This is extremely helpful since this syndrome can be brought on by anxiety and stress.  It’s very important to be able to recognize your life stresses and work on minimizing them to naturally reduce the symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

Marshmallow root is another herb that helps to reduce these symptoms.  When taken, this will help soothe the irritated mucous membranes located in the digestive tract. Marshmallow root has been around for thousands of years and used to relive problems caused by irritated digestive tracts. This herb can be purchased at most local heath stores or ordered online.

Herbalists will recommend taking Echinacea since it’s helpful for treating a number of problems.  It’s a very powerful herb that has been used in treating scarlet fever, malaria, blood poisoning, and diphtheria.  Taking this herb will strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation, and it also contains elements of antioxidants.

Echinacea is similar to the herb goldenseal. Goldenseal is a very effective in alleviating different issues related to the digestive system. With the effectiveness of this herb, there has become a high demand for it. To meet this demand, goldenseal is being over harvested and is in danger of becoming extinct.

It’s becoming more popular for people to go the natural route when treating leaky gut syndrome.  Antibiotics are overused and being that they kill off good bacteria as well, it may actually agitate this syndrome being that the good bacteria are needed to break up the toxins in the intestines.  With that being said, there are a number of natural herbs to try using to help people that suffer with the treatment of leaky gut.

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